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zájezd: To nejhezčí z Polska (19.-23.8.2017)
autor: Ladislav Mašek

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About us

Kiwi is a tour operator based in Prague, Czech Republic.

Our main focus is on organizing outbound tours for our valued customers. We have experience in incoming (preparing tailor-made itineraries, arranging transport and accommodation etc.) as well. We are a small dedicated team of professionals, whose goal is simple yet so difficult – to provide our customers with the best service, care and professionalism possible and offer them the most interesting and unusual travelling experience.

Kiwi was established in 1991 and our first tour went to Switzerland which became our main destination for the first years of our existence. Owing to our name, New Zealand was the first overseas experience for us as a company. Soon the destinations and activities started to broaden and we covered pretty much the whole Europe including countries such as Albania or the Ukraine. It became a tradition to organize different overseas tours every year, so far we have discovered for our clients for example Iran, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Syria, Jordan, China, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka, Myanma, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Cuba, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Libya, Mali, Senegal, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa and others.

We are very proud of our returning clients who constitute a majority of our customers. It ensures us of our good work and is the best reward for it. We always emphasize well-prepared itinerary of the tours, quality services at affordable price and long-term care for our clients. We run various loyalty programmes and many of our VIP customers became our personal friends and sources of good business ideas.

Apart from organized tours we also offer services for F.I.T. customers who become stronger and more important players in tourism industry every year. We really like challenges, therefore the more complicated request, the more enthusiasm it gets from our side.

We are open to any questions, requests, comments, enquiries, suggestions from our foreign partners´ side. Please do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail, fax or phone. YOU WILL BE WELCOME!